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When in 1949 Wolfgang Dreve developed innovative ideas in his dental laboratory in Unna, the well-established company history of the Dreve group began.
Since 1985 Dreve Dentamid, which enjoys a world-wide good reputation in the filed of high-quality dental products, takes care of marketing.
Our company philosophy: Innovation by tradition!
Thermo-forming units, polymerisation units and boiling-out units belong to the classics. All these products are complemented by a considerable material range. Our main focus is the production of silicones and light-curing resins. Additionally we have contributed essentially to the spreading of the silicone duplication technique in Europe. Since 2005 we determinedly enlarge our product range for the needs of dental practices. Dental specialists estimate our products for CadCam and implantology. Our products ensure working processes and ease daily work.
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